Work With Lauren

Effective communication can be the difference between connection and rejection; interest or dismissal; growth or contraction. In an increasingly digital world, we’re able to communicate with more people on a more frequent basis, but effectively leveraging the power of your words among a variety of unique communicative platforms while maintaining consistency in your brand can be a mountain of headache. That’s where I come in.

About Lauren

A nationally recognized former collegiate debater and competitive public speaker, I’ve spent my unique career applying the lessons I’ve learned to the challenges faced by employers and clients from a wide variety of industries. Whether it was working as a consultant or serving as Marketing Director, the bulk of my work has been with small businesses and startups, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The tenacity and drive found in these organizations is unparalleled in the private sector, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

One of the unique facets of the small business world is that there is always a need for someone in the organization to wear a skyscraper’s worth of hats as things get going. For many of my clients, I am that person. As such, it may be more fair to say I’ve simultaneously served as a Marketing Executive, HR Coordinator, Director of Product Development, Vice President of Business Development, and Office Manager, juggling a greater variety of tasks at a faster clip than most people will in their lifetime.


How can I help your organization?

Content Marketing Social Media Email Marketing Website Design
PR Management Event Planning Presentation Design Integrated Marketing Strategy
Speech Writing & Coaching Product Development Planning HR Consulting Recruiting


Writing Samples

If you’ve found my blog, I’m hoping you know I can write. That said, not every business needs a breakdown of the electoral field or essay on privilege to promote their brand, so here is a smattering of professional work I’ve done in the past. More samples are available upon request.



Not Convinced?

Talk is cheap, but I am not, so I understand wanting to be sure prior to retaining my services. Before I ask you to put your money where your mouth is, I’d love to have a conversation about your organization and its immediate and long-term needs. Let’s chat, shall we?