Google+ Will Kill Facebook

After re-reading my second post, I decided it was way too sappy and naive to be the only post with purpose on this blog so far. Not taking anything back- I meant everything I said (er… typed)- but I still felt like I should ensure a little reading variety, so here we go:


Ok, so maybe that’s a little bit sensational. I don’t really mean it (at least, I don’t think), but Google is gearing up for some major power plays, and Google+ plays a central role in the strategy. I’m not going to give you a long boring post on how to use Google+, though I probably would if I felt like I had a whole lot to add to the conversation. I just want to break it down to brass tacks.

Plus sized social networking?

  1. Google+ does everything Facebook does…. except better. Circles, hangouts, etc., are all tailored to easy to understand privacy levels, which means you’re able to do all the socializing you would be doing on Facebook without  your bosses finding out (Just kidding to MY bosses- I’m always well behaved). But seriously, it’s got a lot of potential.
  2. Facebook may currently have the masses, but Google already has the contact people of just about everyone in the world. Even if you don’t have Gmail, chances are you use a Google service, which means they know who you are, what you do, what you like, what you hate, and the name of your 3rd grade pet gerbil. They can saturate your life so completely with Google+ that not participating will seem inconceivable.
  3. Google already has all the awesome business tools that that businesses crave. Facebook has the 1985 Yugo to Google’s 2011 Maserati when it comes to social media marketing and metrics.
  4. Even in a world where Facebook catches up to Google (unlikely- Google has more money than God), it will come down to a stats war. In a world where both have a ton of users, and both have a ton of traffic, it will come down to engagement metrics- a shadowy part of social media strategy that attempts to measure how much people actually use the site, and how. Ask a “social media expert” and they’ll tell you that this is the most important and elusive of all statistics. Current social networks have disincentive to find a good engagement metric, as it will decrease the value of advertisements on their sites. Google has no such disincentive, especially once Google+ becomes the hub for all of its other products and services. At that point, they’ll reveal all the engagement metrics in the world, forcing the competition to pony up or get out of the race. No way Facebook- or anyone else, for that matter- wins that fight. Since advertising $$ = lifeblood here, it’s game over.
I’m on Google+. I still have no clue what I’m doing on it. I’m dying for them to launch the beta version of the business pages. In the meantime… think about what Facebook going the way of Myspace might mean. If there is only one major social network worth participating in, are we setting ourselves up for a privacy battleground like no other? No offense to Google- I would love to have a tenth of their wealth- but I don’t want the keys to that kingdom.

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